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AWA – Arguments: 1/27/4/11

Requesting all GRE students to send in their analyses of the following arguments. Please adhere to the stipulated time of 30 mins when writing each. Discuss how well reasoned you find the arguments given below. In your discussion be sure to analyse the line of reasoning and the use of evidence in the argument. For […]

AWA – Issues: 1/27/4/11

Requesting all GRE students to send in their essays at the earliest. Please adhere to the stipulated time given for the Issue Essay (45 mins) while writing each essay. “The best test of an argument is the argument’s ability to convince someone with an opposing viewpoint.” Write a response in which you discuss the extent […]

Esha Khanna, Welingkars (2010-2012)

Anant Sir, I think I should call him ?THE GURU? of quantitative techniques. His knowledge about the subject is undoubtedly massive. The best thing about his

Prateek Roy, TISS(2010-2012)

Arete is arguably the best place in Dehradun to go about your management entrance preparations. In Anant Sir, it has the best quant faculty that I came

Swastika Singhal, COER: GRE – 1460| 6/7 Final Admits

I believe that good guidance and motivation work wonders in achieving one’s goals. If that’s what you lack, then Aret? is just the right place. Anant sir and

Pallav Trivedi, IIM-Indore (2009-2011)

??Having been a student of Abhishek Sir and having known him since our days in Bangalore, I can, without a doubt in my mind, call him one of the finest teachers