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Manu Bansal: XIMB, NIRMA

Hi Everyone! It’s realy great to be associated with such good mentors at Arete. They helped when the ray of hopes had nearly vanished. Anant Sir is surely in a different league of quant masters and Abhishek Sir has his own defined standards. Though sometimes it becomes difficult to match the standard set by Abhishek […]

Abhishek Rawat, NMIMS | DSE* (2011-2013)

Hi Everyone! When I first joined ARETE, I admit I was skeptical. That the institute was new and fairly unknown only compounded my concerns. Yet what convinced me was the undoubted quality of its two founding teachers, Mr. Abhishek Raj and Mr. Anant Mittal, both brilliant in their respective fields. The knowledge that they imparted […]

Divye Kapoor: Branch Topper, B.Tech (Dual Degree) Computer Science, IIT Roorkee Batch of 2011

Hi Everyone, Arete is an entrepreneurial venture that Abhishek Raj &? Anant Mittal have started after resigning from Career Launcher. For those of you who haven’t heard about Abhishek Raj: he’s probably the best teacher of English around – I can say so because I’ve studied under him. He has a very rich vocabulary and […]