Abhishek Rawat, NMIMS | DSE* (2011-2013)

Hi Everyone!

When I first joined ARETE, I admit I was skeptical. That the institute was new and fairly unknown only compounded my concerns. Yet what convinced me was the undoubted quality of its two founding teachers, Mr. Abhishek Raj and Mr. Anant Mittal, both brilliant in their respective fields. The knowledge that they imparted to me was immense, and the things that I learned there are irreplaceable. What separate and distinguish Arete are the individual attention that one gets there and the way they treat every problem of yours as their own. The interview and GD skills that I was taught helped me in my interviews, and I was able to face them with ease.

Thank you Arete? and thank you Sirs. I will forever be indebted.

Abhishek Rawat, DIT, NMIMS |DSE



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