Aditya Kotwal, IIT-R(2009-2013), Carnegie Mellon University

523412_265969000160495_324807309_nAditya was a student of our 2012 Batch of GRE aspirants. From the word go, he was regular at classes, prompt in completing his assignments and, along with his close group of friends, good company to hang out with after classes. Although he managed to get placed in Rio Tinto (Australia), he has now decided to pursue an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, which is among the top three universities for Computer Science. He has?also got admits from University of Michigan, University ?of Columbia, ETH Zurich, University of Minnesota, University of California Santa Barabara and University of Southern California. ?His GRE score was 327/340 and TOEFL score was 108/120 and passed out of IIT-R with a CGPA of 8.874/10 in first class with distinction! When asked to share his experience at Arete, the following is what he had to say:

“It?s difficult for me to share with you all the experiences I had at Arete, but I am sure that both , the English and the Mathematics courses, which I took at Arete, helped me a long way in securing admits from such awesome universities!

First of all, at Arete, grammar was made as easy as Math! Unlike what I have always thought, I realized that grammar is not brute instinct, but is a well calculated art of language. As days passed, the courses got more and more interesting. Innovative tools like vocabulary flowers helped me a long way to not only memorize but also to apply hundreds of new words which I came across.

From my experience, I feel that one of the most important parts of an application to a graduate school abroad is the Statement of Purpose (SOP). The AWA classes which you took towards the end of the course helped me long way to make a successful SOP. It taught me to channel my thoughts onto a piece of paper! In fact, I think all of us were surprised by flow of ideas, not only from your end, but also from ours, in those evening classes. The environment was extremely conducive! I clearly remember that at times we lost track of time and then had to go to a restaurant to have a dinner (thanks for the treats! )

To summarize, Arete was a wonderful experience, and I shall never forget the lectures, interactions and the quizzes (you still need to give us the chocolates to the winning teams!! ) ?Thanks for the guidance and support and let?s keep in touch!

Aditya Kotwal”


We congratulate Aditya for his phenomenal achievement, and wish him all the best for his future endeavours!


Team Arete


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