Aditya Maruvada, IIT-R, GRE – 333/340

aditya1The first time I truly ‘noticed’ Aditya in my classes was during one of our weekly vocab quizzes. Nothing impresses a teacher like me more than a diligent and committed student who completes his/her home assignments on time. I have only rarely before come across students like Aditya, who truly enjoy learning the English language. His affinity for the language was palpable in his above average articulation and stellar performances in the vocab quizzes. You know you’re good, when people fight over which team gets to choose you. Such was Aditya’s prowess. And he did a great job at proving it to the world by scoring a whopping 333 out of 340 in the New GRE. Not only did he make us proud, he even gave back to Arete and its future students by sharing the study material he collected over the course of his preparation. When asked to give feedback about his experience at Arete, he replied in the following words:

“I took the GRE in February (on the 18th, to be precise). I enrolled in Arete (pardon me, I do not know how to put the small tick over e..:D) in February last year. Needless to say, I was apprehensive over my choice. My parents asked me to join the few ‘established’ institutes and I was obviously confused. But today as I punch the keys, I know I made the right choice (at the risk of sounding too cliched). What I love about Arete is the human touch it has got as opposed to the cold indifferent working of the well oiled machines out there( I am not Orwell or something but you get the analogy right?).Needless to say, Abhishek sir is the Yoda, the Shifu here and he takes enough care to ensure that the force is with us (excuse me for the Star Wars and the Kung Fu Panda reference). The best part about the course is that you get to make more friends. Like the furious five, we were the furious fifty and not to sound redundant, there was healthy competition, especially during the Vocab Quizzes (they still owe me a chapo).The toughest part about GRE is English and Abhishek sir, with his boundless enthusiasm (please tell us what you eat) makes it an enjoyable (the least I can come up with) experience. Love the language. Do not dread it. To all those preparing for the GRE, I say, the force is already with you. Have no worries and make Master Shifu proud.

Thank you Master Shifu.”

As a fervent admirer of animated feature films and science fiction, I couldn’t help but be bowled over by these kind words of appreciation.

Aditya, it is truly an honour to have worked with you. I promise to keep the force and use it well to shape future Jedi and Dragon Warriors.

Thank you for choosing Arete.

Yours sincerely,

Abhishek Raj

(Master Shifu)



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