Aretians take eLitmus by storm!

We’re proud to announce that, after a year-long struggle with countless hours spent working inside and outside the classroom, a few of our diligent students have made a significant achievement: they’ve successfully cracked the eLitmus! The eLitmus is an IT talent assessment and recruitment company that provides rucruiters with an accurate picture of the aptitude and technical knowledge of freshers across India. They conduct an examination called the pH Test, and this is what our students aced with flying colours. Here are the details of our achievement:

  • Vaibhav Aggarwal: 99.15%ile
  • Akhand Ghai: 99.08%ile
  • Sarvesh Joshi: 97%ile
  • Vipul Sonthalia: 96%ile
  • Pallav Chauhan: 95%ile
  • Shubham Bansal: 95%ile
  • Ravi Gupta: 94%ile
  • Prince Jain: 92%ile
  • Varun Pant: 89%ile
  • Abhimanyu Tyagi: 86%ile

We wish you hearty congratulations and all the best for your future endeavours!


Team Arete


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