Bharat Polineni, IIT – R, IIM Lucknow

Bharat PBharat was a member of our first batch in Roorkee. In his first attempt at the CAT in the year 2011, he mustered calls from IIM Indore and the New IIMs but didn’t attend the interviews. Determined to improve his performance, he wrote CAT 2012 and this time got calls from IIM Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Lucknow, converting IIM Lucknow in the end. An exceptional and consistent performer, Bharat has his eyes set on the Ivy League. He’s leaving for Wisconsin to work with Epic Systems this fall. Wherever he goes, I’m sure we’ll hear of his accomplishments time and again. When asked to share his views about his experience at Arete, this is what he had to say…

On attending the Aretian demo class, I thought, “Now come-on, this is in some other league compared to CL or Time. Are these people actually this good or is it a well prepared and delivered show?!” But I learnt that my instincts proved right because the demo turned out to be only the teaser to what a year with Anant and Abhishek felt like.


Grammar was something I understood for the first time in my life. Wren and Martin became people who didn?t appear like they came from some alien planet. Abhishek’s innovative idea of the journey though ‘Midnight’s Children’ really eased getting my hands around vocab. It was the first book I read which contained a zillion new words every page and Abhishek made it so much fun. With him learning vocab and grammar became more of a habit than a onetime activity.


Anant?s classes were more interesting. 🙂

It was more like a detour away from engineering and complicated math to the fun at school with geometry and probability. It was very exciting to find the easiest way to solve the problems with everyone contributing towards the best solutions.


The best parts were the discussions during the Atelier workshops. Trying to relate all the points thrown in by the participants and building into the final argument was an amazing experience.


All in all, I won?t call it a CAT preparation program but rather a confidence building program to tackle just another eng/math/apt exam called CAT.


Thanks for all the great time we had together guys.”


We wish Bharat all the best for his future endeavours!


Team Arete


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