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Siddharth Gupta, IIT-R, IIM Calcutta (2014-2016)

If there ever was a student befitting the title of ‘the Underdog’, I’d say it was Siddharth Gupta. I say so because, when I met him for the first time, I was surprised he approached us so late for his CAT prep. All his peers clearly had a year’s head start over him. Yet, he […]

Shashank Shekhar, IIT-R, IIM Bangalore (2013-2015)

Every teacher dreams of having a student like Shashank Shekhar: never to miss a lecture, prompt in understanding a concept and sharp at applying it to perfection. Such is his prowess. But more than being an exceptional student, he has a winning personality.?Although it took us a while to notice him in class due to […]

Aditya Kotwal, IIT-R(2009-2013), Carnegie Mellon University

Aditya was a student of our 2012 Batch of GRE aspirants. From the word go, he was regular at classes, prompt in completing his assignments and, along with his close group of friends, good company to hang out with after classes. Although he managed to get placed in Rio Tinto (Australia), he has now decided […]

Bharat Polineni, IIT – R, IIM Lucknow

Bharat was a member of our first batch in Roorkee. In his first attempt at the CAT in the year 2011, he mustered calls from IIM Indore and the New IIMs but didn’t attend the interviews. Determined to improve his performance, he wrote CAT 2012 and this time got calls from IIM Ahmedabad, Calcutta and […]

Agniv Dutta, IIT-R, GMAT – 720

  It’s not everyday that you come across such diligent and committed students as Agniv Dutta. His sedulity was palpable from the very first lecture he attended, and it lasted unabated till the day he took his examination. What every teacher expects and appreciates are that a student apply all that is taught to him […]

Aditya Maruvada, IIT-R, GRE – 333/340

The first time I truly ‘noticed’ Aditya in my classes was during one of our weekly vocab quizzes. Nothing impresses a teacher like me more than a diligent and committed student who completes his/her home assignments on time. I have only rarely before come across students like Aditya, who truly enjoy learning the English language. […]

Anurag Sharma, DIT(GMAT:760), LSE (2012-2014)

Anurag Sharma was one of the most diligent students of Dehradun Institute of Technology. Known for his commitment to studies, Anurag aced at whatever he set his mind to. After not performing up to his expectations in the CAT 2011, he approached us for help in preparing for the GMAT. After 3 months of grueling […]

Razak Gupta, IITR, IIM – C, Batch 2013 – 2015

  “There aren’t any suggestions for improvement as I feel that you may already be giving us the best, in regards to what is needed for preparing ?us. The study material for English language cannot get any better. The mix of class assignments, vocabulary targets and grammar exercises is interesting, and keeps the one-topic-a-time monotony […]

Vipul Sonthalia: DIT, MBE (2012-2014)

The USP of Arete is its quality rather than the quantity – be it the faculty or the student. Each of the faculty is a specialist in his own domain while having a strong hold on the basic concepts. In the new era of changing patterns of exams, when most of the exams require the […]

The First Aretian to make it to IIM-Ahmedabad: Vasudha Khurana, IIT-R, IIM-A (2012-2014)

  As a student with an engineering background, I did not think I needed much help preparing for CAT. As far as knowledge is?concerned?it is possible to get that from books but what I did need was encouragement, motivation and tips on how to go about?studying and preparing. The one thing that is distinctly different […]