Esha Khanna, Welingkars (2010-2012)

Anant Sir, I think I should call him ?THE GURU? of quantitative techniques. His knowledge about the subject is undoubtedly massive. The best thing about his teaching is that he will always start from the basics irrespective of the student?s academic background. His patience and politeness differentiates him from rest of the crowd. I really appreciate the amount of interest he takes in every student?s progress. He is a person who will always guide you to better and right things. Having been a student of Anant Sir I can say without doubt that he is the best person for Quant and DI as he makes things simple and interesting for the students to understand.


Abhishek Sir is a master of English. Always focussing on the basics, he grills the basics in you so deeply that you can rarely forget them which I have never seen in any other teacher. He has guided me all through my GD and PI sessions and always provided me with the best material to read. The sessions with him have always been very knowledgeable. He goes an extra mile to help his students. One thing he and Anant sir have in common is their motivating power. One always comes with a positive energy after meeting them, which is one thing very important to crack any competitive exam.


Anant Sir and Abhishek Sir are true mentors one can bank upon anytime.

Thanks a lot for helping me reach where I am today.



Esha Khanna (Welingkars 2010-12)



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  1. i may not only thanks gurus ( Anant Sir and Abhishek sir) for their knowledge which they have imparted to me but also for their personal support and attention which help and boost me in sustaining my career.

    I think i am the only one who is not from an MBA college but i am the one who is from one of the most globally trusted corporate giant. which i get because of their guidance

    Thanks sir.

    Ankit Sharma ( Colgate-Palmolive )

    Posted by ankit sharma | April 27, 2011, 6:24 pm

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