Shashank Shekhar, IIT-R, IIM Bangalore (2013-2015)

shashankEvery teacher dreams of having a student like Shashank Shekhar: never to miss a lecture, prompt in understanding a concept and sharp at applying it to perfection. Such is his prowess. But more than being an exceptional student, he has a winning personality.?Although it took us a while to notice him in class due to his laconism, we finally descried him once the first Module Tests began. Anant and I remember the times when Shashank would be the first one to class, or when we would anxiously wait to monitor the progress of our students in the Testfunda Test Series. There was a constant improvement in every attempt, and he was in the 99%ile + range well before the CAT sessions commenced. However, it wasn’t till the Atelier commenced that I discovered his passion for reading and thirst for knowledge. I remember that once, after being immensely impressed with his penetrating arguments on the issues being discussed, I had asked him what he used to read. He replied with a humble smile, “Everything and anything Sir.” ?When asked to share his experience at Arete, this is what he had to say…
“It was sometime in my sixth semester that I first heard some of my friends talk about attending demo classes at Arete. I was not much enthused to attend them, but on their (Aditya Kotwal was one of these persuaders!) insistence I went along. However, once the 3 hour session by Abhishek Sir was over, I was the one convincing others to join Arete. There were four of us who enrolled together, both for English and Mathematics classes.?
The most extraordinary thing about the English classes was that the pedagogy was based on functional use of the language. This allowed us to appreciate the language without being constrained by the syllabus of any particular competitive exam. The grammar I used to once loath for being too abstract was reinvented as an exact science. The acceptance that every grammar and reading comprehension question had an exact answer gradually dawned upon us all and English was no more the much-feared language of before. ?With the fundamentals in place through these sessions, the preparation for CAT became all the more easy.?
The Maths classes were equally good. The numerous shortcuts and time saving techniques by Anant Sir came really handy during the CAT exam. In fact, courtesy to them I was able to build up good speed and attempt all 30 questions in my paper. In fact, some of those methods have great utility even in a B-School.
After the CAT results were out, the GD-PI sessions conducted by Arete were again instrumental in the preparation for interviews and helped me convert IIM B, C and L. To summarize, Arete was a wonderful experience and something I will carry forth forever as a cherished memory. I Wish both Abhishek and Anant Sir all the very best for their future endeavors. Thanks for the guidance and please stay in touch.”?
We thank Shashank for those kind words, wish him all the best and promise to stay in touch.
Team Arete


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